Did you know… ?


Fact 1

The UK proves 'Return to Sender' can work. In the United Kingdom, the 1998 Data Protection Act has allowed British citizens to simply write “unsolicited mail, return to sender” on the envelope of their junk mail for over a decade. The mail is then returned at the company's expense, incentivizing them to stop bothering the recipient.

fact 2

100 million trees’ worth of paper was used to create 109 billion pieces of direct mail in the United States alone, just in 2009.That’s about a third of a tree destroyed per person living in America, just in one year!

fact 3

One third of all junk mail isn’t even recycled – it ends up taking up space in landfills.

Fact 4

Junk mail contributes to deforestation.

Fact 5

Junk mail produces as much greenhouse gas emissions as 3.7 million cars every year.

fact 6

48 percent of all mail is junk. That means the energy used to deliver mail could be almost cut in half if we stopped the spam!